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KOPCAST | School of Broadcasting

Knowledge | Organization | Perseverance

At KOPCAST, we believe in providing students with the best possible education in the field of broadcasting so they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this competitive industry. Whether you're interested in radio, television, or digital media, KOPCAST short courses can help in understanding most aspects of broadcasting.

KOPCAST | Broadcasting in Motion

Knowledge | Organization | Perseverance

At KOPCAST, we also prioritize diversity and inclusivity. We welcome students from all backgrounds and strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Our students come from all over the world, bringing with them unique perspectives that enrich the learning experience. If you're passionate about broadcasting and ready to take the next step in your career, KOPCAST is the perfect place to start.


Become a Smart News Reporter and An Effective TV Anchor

The Fundamentals of News Reporting and TV Anchoring

In the dynamic realm of journalism, where information unfolds at a rapid pace, the role of news reporters and TV anchors stands as a vital conduit between events and the public eye. "The Basics of News Reporting and TV Anchoring: Become a Smart News Reporter and an Effective TV Anchor" is a comprehensive guide crafted for aspiring journalists and communication enthusiasts eager to embark on a journey into the captivating world of news broadcasting.

TV Radio Anchor imran siddiqui.jpg

The Art of Good Storytelling

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Professional Author

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most profound forms of communication. It has the power to transport us to new worlds, make us empathize with diverse characters, and encourage us to reflect on our own lives. As an author, you hold the key to this magical realm, where words on a page can turn into emotions, adventures, and memories. Don't be afraid. Go ahead and turn that key.

Think about the last book that captivated you, the movie that left you stunned, or the bedtime story that made you dream. All of these experiences are the result of skilled storytellers weaving tales that resonate with our epicenters.

This manual aims to guide you on your journey to becoming one of those storytellers, an author who can craft stories that linger in the minds of readers for generations to come.

The Art of Good Storytelling_

Injustice Inc. | How To Fight For The Innocent: A Methodic Guide To Potential Freedom and Exoneration

INJUSTICE INC book back Cover

Somewhere on Earth: When Love, Hate, Jealousy and Pride, Collide.

Somewhere on Earth book cover

Life Changing Experiences of the Sid Brothers | The True Legend of The Vaknamorus: Balancing The Code of Zydominica

The Sid Brothers V1 book cover

Smart Money Habits - The Benefits of Saving Today For A Better Tomorrow: The Benefits Of Saving Money Now To Maybe Save Yourself In The Future


The Art of Good Storytelling: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Professional Author

The Art of Good Storytelling front cover

Aik Kahani | Ahmed Nay Jub Sochna Seekha | When Ahmed Learned To Think. Everything Changed

Aik Kahani Ahmed book cover

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